Enabling Tactile Graphics Displays

The universal platform for tactile graphics displays with support for images, tables, braille translations, audio and an increasing number of applications and document types. TactOS is open and extensible.

Tactile Display Operating Software: TactOS

TactOS is a device-independent software platform for tactile graphic displays. It allows blind people to interact with refreshable tactile graphic displays, includes support for touch input and audio output, and provides many services to adapt common media types to graphical tactile displays.

TactOS LogoTactOS is an extensible framework written in Java. External developers can easily add plugins for TactOS.

Developer resources

TactOS is written in Java with Gradle as build environment and Git for version control. It features a plugin systems which allows to easily integrate external applications into TactOS.


Download the current version here or get access to the source code.

TactOS 0.7.0

After two years of development, TactOS 0.7.0 is now available for use by interested parties. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about TactOS or develop tactile applications with our TactOS SDK (see our email address in the footer of this page).